Playing guitar in 61 Deep (blues rock band)
Cover of ‘Blues Ain’t Never Gonna Die’, the original by Mike Griffen

Ian Caird

‘Shoreline Notions’ – An original instrumental by Ian Caird,
inspired but the coastline of Kent and the sound of seagulls.

Ian Caird

‘Morning Awakening’. A gentle, ambient instrumental by Ian Caird. Inspired by an imagined early morning sunrise in a countryside setting with the sound of crows, to calmly contemplate and greet the day ahead

Ian caird music

‘Coastal Notions’ – An instrumental Inspired by imagined walks along the Kent coast and the sound of seagulls. Music by Ian Caird

coastal notions - an instrumental

It’s interesting to ponder why instrumentals acquire their title. As a former creative commercial photographer, I’ve been tending to play and compose with a visual in mind. This one, being on a precipice. The snow capped peaks and valleys representing complexities. From that safe position a mystical dimension opens beyond and yonder.

Ian Caird

Cover version of ‘Tall Girl in a Short Dress’ played with rhythm & blues band 61 Deep. The original by Delbert McClinton.

61 Deep band